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Why We Give to All Faiths

Young boy sitting on a train platform reading.As members of the Albuquerque community, we believe in the power of giving back. Donating to local charity organizations is a core tenet of our real estate mission, because it enhances our community. Whenever possible, we like to make financial donations to a local charity that has helped thousands of New Mexicans.

All Faiths is a behavioral health agency that seeks to empower New Mexicans by “creating pathways to prevent and transcend the effects of trauma and abuse.” We believe in the work that they do because they have directly benefited the lives of children and families throughout New Mexico.

Continue reading to learn about some of the reasons why we donate $500 from every closing to this incredible organization.

All Faiths

The organization began as a grassroots effort in 1955. Eight women of different faiths and backgrounds joined together to create a committee to opening a center for children in need.

The home officially opened in 1956. During this first year, around 138 children were served. During the 2015-2015 year, the All Faiths Children’s Safehouse served more than 1,100 children who had been victims of abuse.

Children’s Advocacy

Two children smiling over a plant.At its center, All Faiths is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children. They do this by working as an advocacy group on behalf of children throughout New Mexico who may be suffering from trauma or abuse.

All Faiths accomplishes its goals by offering a number of different services to children and families and needs. They offer family wellness courses, investigation, outpatient treatment and therapy, counseling, and community based behavioral health.

In addition to these services, the All Faiths organization strives to continually improve its services offered. In part, All Faiths serves children and families by partnering with other agencies dedicated to children’s advocacy.

Doing Our Part

We support All Faiths because we believe that all children have the right to a safe and happy childhood. In addition, we agree with their mission statement and the work they do to improve the lives of children in New Mexico.

There are a number of fantastic charity organizations in New Mexico, but we felt most compelled to donate to All Faiths because of the sensitive work they do. They have a holistic approach to children’s advocacy, and offer custom solutions to children of differing backgrounds.

If You Have Any Questions…

Please reach out. We would love to chat with you about the many reasons we donate to All Faiths. You can also read more about their mission on their website.